Show Your Support to Bring FLES
(Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools)
to ALL Arlington County Elementary Schools

  • Only 17 out of 22 Arlington elementary schools have foreign language education - leaving over 2,000 students without foreign language instruction until 7th grade.   ATS, Arlington Science Focus, Taylor and Long Branch are remaining to receive FLES and a full week of instruction.(Hoffman-Boston has full week of instruction but no FLES, Abington has early language instruction but not K-5 FLES)
  • One fourth of Arlington County children will be placed in Foreign Language classes in Middle School with children who have had 6+ years of early language education.
  • Early exposure to foreign language education is essential for proficiency and enhances learning in subjects like Math and Science creating a cognitive boost to young minds .
  • The Arlington County School Board has stated: "All APS students should be proficient in at least two languages upon graduation and should have access to world language proficiency programs regardless of school of attendance." Access to world language proficiency programs must be equitable for every APS student .
  • Issues such as space constraints, teacher planning time, and early release have been solved by current FLES schools and should not derail the educational mission and stated goals of APS or place any APS students at an academic disadvantage.
  • Our children need to be competitive when applying for Advanced Study Diplomas, Colleges admission and finding jobs in this fast-paced global economy.

22% of APS Elementary students still attend schools that fail to offer

Proficiency-based World Language instruction to Students.